Our Focus

EUROCROWD is helping its members to address critical business and policy issues. We create visibility for our members in key discussions and help them develop and reach new markets. Our members are exclusive speakers at our events, experts in our working groups and our online communication, connecting with relevant stakeholders in Brussels and across European member states.

Our members help guide the development of our actions and the strategic development of our industry and EUROCROWD.  Jointly we have shaped European policy around the Prospectus Law and the European Crowdfunding Service Provider Regulation, to name a few, with the aim to enable a competitive and professional crowdfunding market. We also have spearheaded industry standards and transparency. 

Networking within EUROCROWD and our Members

Since 2012 EUROCROWD organises Europe’s leading industry only networking event. Each year, our members and invited policy makers and stakeholders discuss the state of the industry and jointly work on developing regulation, best practices and knowledge. This is where over the years intense and open discussions in Brussels and across Europe have taken place, national crowdfunding policy and European law has been shaped. With frequent guest speakers from the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Investment Bank, many national conduct authorities and stakeholders from the banking, capital market and consumer protection sectors. This is where it all happens. Yes, the European Crowdfunding Service Provider Regulation (ECSPR) was reviewed and discussed in detail with the industry in the years prior to the law being passed by the European law makers. 

Since 2013 we are meeting with our members and invited stakeholders across Europe to discuss specific topics of relevance to the crowdfunding industry. From access to capital for start-ups, via renewable energy finance, crypto assets and blockchain to government match funding, we have influenced many key policy drivers over the years. Guests from national Ministries, national conduct authorities, European Commission, European Parliament and leading technology and financial services companies, this event series is aimed to challenge incumbant thinking.

What started out as a local meetup for professionals in Paris in 2012, initiated and run by our long term and founding Board Member Alex Raguet (formerly of Lumo, France) on behalf of EUROCROWD, has grown into a pan-European meetup over the years. The initial format has been replicated nearly 100 times across Europe in cities such as London, Munich, Lisbon, Bologna, Vienna, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Wroclaw, Brussels and Berlin. Today, we host CrowdTuesday online in order to enable frequent cross-border networking between our members and to foster open knowledge exchange on cutting edge topics.

Since years EUROCROWD offers webinars on bespoke topics for a professional and interested selection of members and guests. Here we invite members and other guests to share and discuss technical or sector specific topics of key concern to the crowdfunding industry. We are also welcoming other relevant participants and usually stream CrowdTuesday life online. 

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