Technical Assistance

EUROCROWD offers technical assistance to administrations and development agencies. We especially work with those that aim at a closer relationship with their citizens, and wish to ensure greater transparency in their decision-making process by engaging citizens through a bottom up approach, so as to allocate resources more efficiently. Crowdfunding can also help leverage and possibly multiply existing resources.

We work with a bespoke methodology that will put your organization in the conditions to actually exploit the benefits of crowdfunding methodologies within the decision-making process of your administration. Working with us will allow you to engage your crowd of citizens which will be asked to submit specific projects, and will allow you to gather funding. 

Our methodology

We will execute, in collaboration with you, bespoke fact-finding to identify the specifications present in your region so that your administration will make the right decision from the regulatory, sectoral and technical point of views.

Your staff members will acquire know-how and competencies in managing the strategic and technical issues of opening your administration to the crowd.

We will provide assistance to your administration to ensure that the proper technicalities are dealt with up to the elaboration of the tender notice.

Your gain

  • Rally citizens around strategic ideas and their selection to increase buy-in into administrative and policy work.
  • Engage citizens in the design process of your development strategies.
  • Involve citizens to make your decision-making process more transparent. 
  • Allow citizens to become part of the action so you can leverage private funding for public benefit.


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