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The EUROCROWD-ISG (Italian Strategic Group) is a multi-stakeholder working group established with the aim of fostering the emergence of a strong crowdfunding ecosystem in Italy, by bringing together universities, public authorities, private foundations, and industry associations and provide them with knowledge, contacts and skills as to support the creation of a culture of crowdfunding in Italy.

The rationale behind the establishment of the Working Group lies in the importance of improving the understanding and trust towards the crowdfunding sector for both investors and entrepreneurs, as well as in the dissemination and acquisition of a consolidated set of skills and competences related to the many different aspects of crowdfunding.

What we do

In cooperation with Fondazione Fenice, EUROCROWD has designed and delivers a three-modules training course, aimed at providing a thorough and unbiased understanding of crowdfunding to any individual or organization that has an interest in this specific financing tool.

The training session have been developed with the objective of introducing non-experts to the opportunities and specificities of crowdfunding in general and then guide them through the process of acquiring the needed skills to:

  • Launch and manage their crowdfunding campaign while maximizing their chances of success: Basic Crowdfunding Training Course (16h)
  • Understand how crowdfunding can be combined with different funding sources and financial instruments: Advanced Crowdfunding Training Course (16h)
  • Become Campaign Managers and provide advisory services to businesses, organisations and individuals on how to best structure and roll out their crowdfunding campaign: Professional Crowdfunding Training Course (16h)
  • Support the work of an existing crowdfunding platform or create a new one, by becoming Platform Managers: Professional Crowdfunding Training Course (16h)

While working on education and promotion of crowdfunding at the national level, members of the Italian Strategic Group have also structured their actions into different working groups. The topics explored in each working group has been identified as key elements in shaping a sound and cooperative cultural and professional context, while providing the right forum for crowdfunding players and other stakeholders to develop new actions and share best practices. More specifically, the Italian Strategic Group is composed by the following four sub-working groups:

  • Sub-working group 1: ISO/CEN Certification scheme for crowdfunding professionals
  • Sub-working group 2: Feasibility study for a guarantee mechanism for crowdfunding platforms
  • Sub-working group 3: Synergies between crowdfunding and ESI Funds
  • Sub-working group 4: Legal framework in Italy and Europe

The objectives of the Italian Strategic Group will be gradually achieved through five key reports, to be presented in the first two years of activities. Information will be translated into English and made publicly available on this page, as to bring a relevant added value for both national and European replicators of the Italian Strategic Group experience:-Development of a standardised training scheme for entrepreneurs, investors, NGOs and future crowdfunding professionals-Preparatory study for the implementation of a guarantee fund for crowdfunding platforms-Implementation of the guarantee fund-Identification of potential opportunities for combining crowdfunding with ESI Funds for trainings on crowdfunding and other initiatives- Assessment and monitoring of Italian and European regulatory framework, to continuously provide up-to-date information in training sessions.



The training courses run on average 16 hours and are conducted by industry experts. ECN always oversees the training to ensure relevant information and standards are kept.

Basic Training Course: Open to anyone (Professionals, investors, individuals, entrepreneurs, public officials, associations, etc.). Topics:

  • Crowdfunding models and functioning Mechanisms
  • National and EU legal framework
  • How to approach and develop a successful a crowdfunding campaign

Advanced Training Course: Open to anyone who has successfully passed the Basic Training Module Exam. Topics:

  • Crowdfunding models, sub-models and business models in detail
  • Crowdfunding as complimentary funding instrument (phases and types)
  • Rules for investor protection and requirements for businesses

Professional Training Courses Module 1 “Campaign”: Open to anyone who has successfully passed the Advanced Training Module Exam. Topics:

  • Digital skills and tools
  • Selection, assessment of projects and potential campaigns
  • Identification of critical and success factors

Professional Training Course Module 2 “Platform Manager”: Open to anyone who has successfully passed the Advanced Training Module Exam. Topics:

  • National Rules and procedures for platforms
  • Identification of suitable partnership models


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