Transparency within the Crowdfunding sector

The European Crowdfunding Network AISBL (ECN) believes in transparent and open business practices in the field of crowdfunding. We have enshrined some of these in our Code of Conduct, to which our we ask our members to sign up to. For now only Gold Members provide is with a signed Letter of Intend that they will seek to comply to the Code of Conduct. However, we believe that transparency will encourage academic research and provide policy makers and the public with a better understanding of the potential of crowdfunding.

We ask crowdfunding platforms or organisations operating crowdfunding structures to provide non-confidential or sensitive data on industry and business models, customer protection and general user statistics. This information shall be place visibly on the platform websites and also provided subsequently in aggregated format for publication through ECN or contracted affiliates. At this point only our Gold Members comply with sending key performance indicator information to ECN; we do not publish any of this data for now.

Transparency at the European Crowdfunding Network AISBL

The European Crowdfunding Network AISBL (ECN) is committed to the principles of transparency, good governance and responsible behaviour. We try to adhere to the highest standards of best practice across all our activities, including political advocacy and governmental relations, communications and industry representation.

We aim to facilitate constructive dialogue and co-operation between the public sector and private investment throughout the European Union. We seek constructive engagement with policymaking institutions to ensure the best outcomes for Europe’s economy and society.

The ECN believes in and supports the European Commission’s voluntary Transparency Register that was set up in the context of the European Transparency Initiative, to ensure citizens know the general and specific interests of the European crowdfunding industry in engaging with the policymaking institutions, and the resources we mobilise to that end. We are also committed to the European Transparency Initiative’s Code of Conduct.

We constantly monitor the global policy and regulatory environment to ensure a favourable environment for crowdfunding and entrepreneurship.